Board & Trains

Barker's Behaviour

Find a course that suits you!

From obedience to behavioural modification, these courses will be tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog.

Stays vary from 2 - 6 weeks dependant on needs and requests. 

Daily training diaries, weekly catch ups & lifetime free access to group classes. 


2 week obedience course

Ever wondered if you could improve your relationship past a couple treats or cuddles on the sofa? 

Well then look no further than Barker's Behaviour 2 week obedience board and train. 

  • Crate & place training

  •  Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Neutrality & exposure 

  • Coexistence in a multi dog household

  • Weekly owner catch up sessions 

Contact me on 07903091026​ if you have any questions!

Behaviour modification courses

After an initial assessment, I will write up a personal plan of action which is to be implemented over a  3 - 6 week period. 

The first 2 weeks of any course consists of cementing fundamentals, inside and outside the house, before moving forward with the personalised behavioural modification programme.